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All of you who stop for a visit, read my missives, then leave me notes of joy or wonder, know that I am grateful for you beyond measure, beyond words.   The gifts we have received of writing, reading, being able to share with each other on this heartfelt level will surely shift the world.  Gratefully, I say a prayer for you all.  May we all know a world of peace.

Luscious Caramels

Delicious caramel Italian leather sandals

Showing off my newly tan legs with

Vermillion painted toes, reminding me

Age never matters.

My mother used to say

“…class can’t be bought or taught.”

Then she was Romanian,

Where gypsies were mysterious and a little (or a lot) naughty

Loving tall dark men named David

who wore white suits in winter and fedoras for all seasons.

Special women’s traits, those female traits that are your birthright

That you carry on your shoulder

With your legs wrapped in Brahmin toasted almond

Italian leather sandals that look like luscious caramels.

First remembering to spray lemon ginger essence on your wrists and

Behind your ears, and other places unmentioned

Knowing no matter your biological time here…

Beauty also, cannot be bought or taught.

All rights reserved.  © 2012 by sara fryd

9 June 2012

“Better to have one pair of delicious Carmel Italian leather sandals showing off those vermillion 

painted toes, than a closet full of espadrilles.” ~ the 1975 Sara Fryd


I received this anonymously from a friend.  I did not write it.  It’s pretty great.  So to whom ever wrote this THANK YOU!

Dear Diary 2020 Edition,
In ❄️ January, 🔥 Australia caught on fire. I don’t even know if that fire was put out, because we straight up almost went to war with Iran 🇮🇷 . We might actually still be almost at war with them 🤔. I don’t know, because 👩 Jen Aniston and 👨🏻 Brad Pitt spoke to one another at an awards 🏆show and everyone flipped the crap out 😲, but then there was this thing happening in 🦇 🇨🇳 China, then 👑 Prince Harry and Meghan ✌🏼 peaced out of the Royal family, and there was the whole impeachment trial 👩‍⚖️ , and then corona virus 🦠 showed up in the US ✔️“officially,” but then 🏀Kobe died 😭and UK 🇬🇧 peaced out of the European Union.
In February, 🌽 Iowa crapped 💩 itself with the caucus results and the president was acquitted and the 👩🏼‍💼Speaker of the House took ten. Whole. years. to rip up a speech , but then The👨‍🔬 🌎WHO decided to give this virus a name COVID-19, which confused 🤔some really important people 👔 in charge of, like, our lives, into thinking there were 18 other versions before it, but then Harvey Weinstein was found guilty👨🏻‍⚖️, and 🇺🇸 Americans started asking if Corona beer 🍺 was safe to drink🤦🏻‍♀️, and everyone on Facebook became a doctor 👨‍⚕️ who just knew the 🤒flu like killed way more people than COVID 1 through 18.
In March, stuff hit the fan👿. Warren dropped out of the presidential race and Sanders was like Bernie or bust 💥, but then Italy 🇮🇹 shut its whole country down 🚷, and then COVID Not 1 through 18 officially become what everyone already realized, a 😱pandemic and then a nationwide state of emergency 🆘was declared in US 🇺🇸 , but it didn’t really change anything, so everyone was confused or thought it was still just a flu 💁🏻‍♀️, but then COVID Not 18 was like ya’ll not taking me seriously? 💡 I’m gonna infect the one celebrity everyone loves and totally infected Tom Hanks👨🏻, get y’all to close all of the schools so y’all can 🙏🏼 appreciate teachers 👩‍🏫 for once (because you can’t teach them anything other than how to use a touch screen🤦🏻‍♀️ ) close down all of salons so you can’t get your 💇‍♂️ hair or your nails done💅 , everyone had to work from home and attend Zoom meetings in their underwear. The 📉 DOW took a crap 💩 on itself, and most of us still don’t understand why the stock market is so important or even a thing 🤔 (I still don’t), We were then all introduced to 🐅 Tiger King and the ONE thing we can all agree on this year , 👍🏼Carol totally killed her husband⚰️ ….. whacked him! And then Netflix was like you’re welcome, and we all realized there was no way we were washing our hands enough in the first place because all of our hands are now dry and gross and were all searching for lotion now.
In 🌧 April, Bernie finally busted✌🏼 himself out of the presidential race 🏃, but then NYC 🗽became the set of The Walking Dead 💀 and we learned that no one has face masks 😷, ventilators, or toilet paper, or THE FREAKING SWIFFER WET JET LIQUID , and by now our 🦁outgrowth is showing, so there’s a shortage on 📦 box hair dye and all of our hair dressers are like , 😱 NO DONT DO IT!!! But, then Kim Jong-Un died, but then he came back to life … or did he? Who knows, because then the Pentagon released 🎥 videos of UFOs and nobody cared, and we were like man, it’s only April….
In 💐 May, the biblical end times kicked off , historical locust swarms, we learned of murder hornets 🐝 and realized that 2020 was the start of the Hunger Games🙈 however people forgot to let us know. people legit started to protest lockdown measures with 🔫 AR-15s, 🏀⚾️sports events were cancelled everywhere. But then people all over America finally reached a breaking point with race issues and violence. There were 🗣protests in every city🌃 ,which was confusing to some of us because people were definitely gathering in 👫crowds of more than 🖐🏼🤚🏼10 and for sure closer than 6 foot away ⬅️➡️from each other . Those people must have forgotten about the 😖pandemic called COVID Not One Through 18. Media 📺 🗞 struggled with how to 🤬focus on two important things at once, people in general struggle to focus on more than one important thing. A dead whale 🐋 was found in the middle of the Amazon rain forest 🌳 after monkeys 🐒 stole COVID 1 Through 19 from a lab 🔬 and ran off with them, and either in May or April (no one is keeping track of time now) that a giant asteroid ☄️ narrowly missed the Earth🌍.
In ☀️ June, common sense just got thrown 🤾🏼 straight out the window and somehow 😷 wearing masks became a 🏛political thing, but then everyone sort of remembered there was a pandemic, then 👨‍🔬scientists announced they found a mysterious undiscovered mass at the center of the earth, and everyone was like 🙅🏽‍♂️🙅🏻‍♀️🚧DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH IT, but then everyone took a pause to realize that people actually believed Gone With The Wind 💨 was like non-fiction, but then it was also announced that there is a strange 🛰radio signal coming from somewhere in the universe 🌌 that repeats itself every so many days 🗓 , and everyone was like 👽 DON’T YOU DARE ATTEMPT TO COMMUNICATE WITH IT‼️🚫 but then America reopened 🙌🏼from the shut down that actually wasn’t even a shut down, and so far, things have gone spectacularly …. not that great 👎🏼. All of the Karen’s came out at once, and people started tearing down 🔨 statues. Everyone is on Facebook arguing 🤼‍♀️ about masks 👃🏼, but then Florida 🏖 was like hold my beer 🍺 and let me show you how we’re number one 🥇 in all things, including new Not Corona Beer Coronavirus. Then we learned there was a massive dust cloud ☁️ coming straight at us 📍from the Sahara Desert 🐫 , which is totally normal, but this is 2020, so the 👻 ghost mummy thing is most likely in that dust cloud. We then 📚 learned of meth-gators 🐊 , and I’m like that is so not on my flipping 2020 Bingo card 😡 can we use it as the free space?? 🤷🏻 Then we learned that the Congo’s worst ever Ebola 🚨 outbreak is over 😓, and we were all like, there was an Ebola outbreak that was the worse ever? 👀 ……. and don’t forget we just discovered FLYING SNAKES! 🐍, seriously! FLYING SNAKES!!!!
So here comes July…. at this point we are over it , just tell us what’s next …. 👽 Aliens? 🔱Zeus? ☄️ Asteroids? Artificial Intelligence becomes self aware? Can it just be something cool 😎 or fun for once? Maybe even a good laugh , like hahaha 😂 April Fools! We all actually wouldn’t mind that joke at this point.
Also, why didn’t I know about the whale in the Amazon? Or a few other things because I just can’t keep up anymore.
But I’m sharing it because as long as we make it through 2020, I really want this to pop back up in the memories a few years from now. 



Shoshana, Sara, Jannie… 

From:   shoshana anne simon shoshanaanne@yahoo.com

To:   Sara Fryd sfryd@earthlink.net

Subject:  What’s Up

Date: Friday, August 11, 2000 9:26 AM

You evoke a strong emotional response in others, I believe,

both men and women.

You are not a women about whom people say, “Sara?  Now,

who was she?  What did she look like?”

No, you are not doomed to facelessness or the colorless

transparency of a faded negative.  You are vivid and vital

so glory in it, take pride in having an impact.

Let all the wallflowers who are afraid of living take heart and

emulate the one who stands in the middle and sets the room

on fire with her smile.


My incredible friend died June 2017.  I miss her every day.

It’s Okay to Be Blue

I feel like yellow, I look like green.

And all of the colors in between.

Don’t try to cheer me by saying things sweet.

Just be real quiet, bring me chocolate to eat.

I don’t want to be fixed, just leave me alone

If I need you I’ll find you or call on the phone.

I’ll send you a fax, a text or e-mail

I’m not an elephant, I don’t have a tail!

Give me a time-out to take care of my blues.

Listen to music, or play with my shoes.

Everyone needs to be sad now and then

Some time to reflect by counting to ten.

It’s okay to be blue, it’s okay to get mad.

Can feel all my hurts and not feel so bad.

If you give me some time to sort it all out

To sulk, to get angry, and even to shout.

I’ll soon come around and be my old self

All smiling and happy with blues on the shelf.

© by Sara Fryd All rights reserved. 

Dismantled Completely

Human Development Courses come to life

From my corner

Of the playground in our backyard

During lock down

With no place to go

I watch with morbid curiosity

The three, four, and five year olds*

Building castles made of sticks,

Of blocks, two inch soldiers with swords

Debris in wet sand

Inventions of deep abiding thought

Produced from nothing

A world generated of thoughts alone

Filled with twigs and rocks and lost Legos

Recently found in the oleander bushes

By the wall

Plastic men with weapons

To protect the drawbridge

From so many dragons

Living at the edge of the pond

Dismantled completely

Destroyed in one fell swoop

With sounds of “dinner in five minutes”

Emanating from the kitchen window

Sounds from the back of our house

*for Neave and Bodie

Whispering Chimes

Last year my neighbor had the most exquisite chimes. I loved the sound, waiting for them to ring throughout the day and night.  The chimes would let me know when the wind blew down the sidewalk from the gate to the Oak Tree.  My own wind tunnel where it was always cooler when I walked than in the direct sunlight.  After a year, my neighbor bought a house and moved away.   I so missed the chimes that spoke to me so often, telling me the stories of the wind.

One day I decided to check an Amazon ad to see if there was a chime I could hang that would talk to me the way the previous one did and sure enough a few days later I found a really long one I could hang from the rafters with the help of a ladder.  Yeah, there was a ladder in the storage room.   And then I saw my yellow bell and added it to my artistic corner collection.

I began to listen to the chimes again realizing right away that the new chimes didn’t clang, they whispered.  I had to listen really well if I wanted to hear them.  Apparently so did the little red and white flowers.  Because for the first time since 2013 the bush near my front door grew flowers.  I’d like to think it’s because the flowers wanted to hear what the whisper chimes were singing, so they bloomed.  Probably it was because Blake gave them so much water and food they were really, really happy.



The Lack of Hugs


When the pandemic began, a wonderful friend brought me some books from the University of Arizona library which he thought I should read and I didn’t want to.  They were written a few years earlier.  Scary reading about pandemics and such.  I couldn’t get past page 3 and that’s not like me.  Usually, I’m thrilled to have something new to explore.  Delightful friend that I am, I figured when you get to be my age, you can do whatever you want.

When men want you to do something, they never give up.  A week later I get another of Annie Dillard’s books “For the Time Being” and promptly fall in love.  When that happens I devour the book like gelato at the top of La Encantada.  I find a paragraph that so speaks to me, I need to answer back.  The feeling is visceral and immediate and that part of me that wonders about everything is wondering why I’m reacting like this.

It’s the lack of hugs.  I can no longer touch the people I want to touch.  The words are on page 135 in Annie’s book.  I can’t quote them because I don’t have permission.  But when memories come they’re like an Arizona monsoon in August – powerful, wet, and deliciously cleansing.

As a senior at ASU I volunteered at the Jewish Community Center in Phoenix.  One Friday afternoon a man in a worn suit with a small suitcase came in.  He was so thin.   I called my Mother and asked if I could bring him home for Shabbat dinner.  While he was sitting on the couch he opened the suitcase, took out a book, and gave me a present of a book from the suitcase.  I do not remember the name of the book or the man.  What I remember most all these years later is the gigantic hole in the bottom of his shoe where the ball of his foot continuously touched the ground.

Everything I feel bubbles onto my face.  I am not much of a pretender.  As soon as I started reading Annie’s words on page 135 it all came flooding back like an August monsoon.

Any wonder when my Mother used to call, “It’s pouring, come in or you’ll get wet.”  My response was always, “Its okay Mom, I’m washable.”



Joy all wrapped up with a pink ribbon

Yelling “Seewah” or “Zeewah”

Running down the sidewalk

With a lime green spray water bottle

Full to the brim

In front of my place at 10 am

Once the sprinklers stop


Her Hershey chocolate hair in tiny pony tails

With rubber bands standing straight up

Pointing at the sun whispering “warm me, warm me”

Let winter be gone, for here comes the world

Brimming with delicious promise

Wanting to know what color the newly planted

Baby tomatoes are today

Who raised you?

“Who raised you?  Wolves?”

We’re at Denny’s a couple Thanksgiving’s back with a neighbor who has no filter.  Sixty year old women are not supposed to ask sexual questions of the much younger waitress or dinner mates at Denny’s or anywhere else.  By the time you are twenty you should know how to speak appropriately in public.  If you don’t, you should pay attention and learn or remain quiet or stay home.  It’s neither cute, nor is it funny.

Television commercials are the best.  Way better than the shows they interrupt.  Imagine you are at a banquet table in a ballroom (at La Paloma Resort) for a fancy wedding of yesteryear.  The colors are sepia and cream and everyone is dressed to the nines.

Wolves are everywhere jumping from table to table, eating everything in sight when the actress playing the friend of the bride yells to another actor, “which one is his mother?”  I lost it.  My insides were laughing so hard I couldn’t contain them.

Geico’s advertising team are as smart as they are funny.  Probably deserve the millions of dollars they receive for 30 second slots.  Fifteen percent or not, now they’ve gone too far.  They borrowed my favorite one liner.  One I typically used with twelve year olds in another life when I was a school teacher.  Now I find myself using it at Denny’s and other places that serve dinner from 3 pm till 9 pm shown on a menu for 55 years old and older.  “Who raised you?  Wolves?”

Trader Joe’s

I was at Trader Joe’s the other day and opened my mouth to the checker.

“Pharaoh Trump has clearly pissed off the Almighty,” said I.  “And look what has happened?  He sent upon us a plague.”

The checker(about 20) turned ash white, looked me in the eyes and said, “Do you believe that?  Really?”

“Yup, I do.  Absolutely, it’s the Old Testament come to life.  I wonder what the next plague will be?”

Poor kid, I should not have done that.  But I’ll bet he went home, hugged his Mom and looked up the Book of Exodus.