You Meet No Strangers

They arrive like dreams in the night

Or angels in a storm

When your car breaks down in knee deep snow

In the emergency lane along side the highway

They help answer prayers

The bartender

The Circle K clerk with the loan of a pen

With advertising on the side and phone numbers

In case you are desperate for a dentist or an attorney

They breathe a little life into your soul

Permit your heart to rest easier

When they offer you a cup of Trader Joe’s coffee

New Orleans style, with chicory and real cream at 8:30 am

When hurry is the only emotion in an already emotional day

And a bite of pumpkin loaf with cinnamon walnuts

Can make everything right with the world

Like the waitress that’s so proud of her waffles

She adds colored sprinkles atop your child’s whip cream

When it’s not on the menu

They show up with smiles in their eyes and don’t look away

They hug you when loneliness prevails taking the edges off life

Rounding out the corners a bit

So tiny a bit no one might notice

I don’t always remember their names, nor do I smile back at

These angels who wash away the pains of life

Of longing

But, I know one when I’ve met one and I say “Thank you God!”

For the one who has been on her feet all day

Still working another hour or more before she can clock out

There are angels everywhere you look

Everywhere you go

Be an angel…

Say “thank you for your efforts.”

Flash someone you don’t know a heartfelt smile

Look directly in their eyes when they look into yours

Don’t look away

And remember there’s a grandmother in Texas that might just say

“You meet no strangers,” about you.

All rights reserved.  ©2011 by Sara Fryd

*For Chikita Davis who said to me “You meet no strangers.”  In 2001 walking down Waikiki Beach, no less.   It was a favorite saying of her Mother’s.


3 thoughts on “You Meet No Strangers

  1. Hi Sara. It’s still cold here… well – outside it is…and probably will be until April or so…. but, at the moment, I’m toasty warm inside… so, I can’t complain.

    Thanks for the kind words and glad you like the new blog… I’d be honored if decided you wanted to share it on FB or anywhere.

    Take care, and I look forward to reading moree here soon too.


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