Yartzeit for John

A generation of hearts

Died with you November 22, 1963.

All these years have passed

I close my eyes

I hear the radio playing

In the Phoenix College cafeteria

Two thousand students eating lunch

Deathly silence, only hushed weeping

Walter Cronkite barely whispering

Incredulous “The President is dead…”

I don’t remember the rest

Maybe if I keep breathing the tears will stop

Maybe if I keep moving my feet

I will find my way through the parking lot

I will find my car, find my way home.

Where is my car?

Where is my home?

What has happened to my world of hope,

Of possibilities?

What has happened to my joyous country?

The generation who believed…

Believed that we could make a difference

Had our dreams, our lives, our hopes shattered

Buried along with you in Arlington

And nothing much has seemed familiar

Since the world stopped spinning in 1963.


All rights reserved.  ©2009 by Sara Fryd


2 thoughts on “Yartzeit for John

  1. Sara,

    The tears feel good aws they
    make their way down my cheeks. I smile as I look up, having a little difficulty now, trying to read through them.

    Are they sad tears?Sad for JFK? sad for me, for you. for all of us who remember where they were at, what they were doing and how much we all lost on Nov. 22nd.

    Maybe they are tears mixed with Love. A love we had and will always have when we look back at who we were (and still can be): pure, energetic, the whole world in front of us to do what whateverthehell we want!

    He encouraged us so much, and still does here in 2009.

    Thanks for the reminder.
    I felt it at Contoveros Blog also.

    Micahel J


  2. This was not my generation, but I can almost feel the reverbarations still affecting our country. I fear for our current president. I fear this terrible tragedy will repeat itself and we will be the ones clutching at lost hope.

    You have so beautifully captured the hurt and bewilderment.. I only hope the madness came to an end back in 1963…


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