What Price Peace

Speak them loud intentionallycamp_children

With heart, with soul, with tears


Write them in notebooks

Carve them in a tree


Joyfully with fingers in the sand


Say them in languages at the equator

At the Antarctic

South and north, east and west

But say what you mean

And mean what you say

Tell the truth

Your truth out loud for all to hear

Say your truth…

Say it loud…

Clap your hands in cadence

Write in rhyme or free verse

Put your prose on paper for eternity

Do not drop your bombs instead

Of getting mad

Anonymously from the air

Do not hide in tanks

Destroying mothers and children

Homes and gardens

From your safe vantage point

Torture is torture

No matter the method of delivery

Do not torture

Then call it peace


All rights reserved.  ©2009 by Sara Fryd


11 thoughts on “What Price Peace

  1. very nice

    I can’t remember who said it first but one of my favorite quotes on the subject is “..the first casualty of of all wars is truth….”
    -can’t remember who to credit for that jewel of a quote

    When I read your post there were two jewels that immediately stood out for me.

    “Say then in languages at the equator”


    “Torture is torture No matter the method of delivery Do not torture Then call it peace”


  2. Sadly, the price of peace is blood. We should never forget those who have sacrificed, and pray that our own names are remembered as well. All that is necessary for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing. So, please God, may all those who have done something be remembered.


  3. This is telling on so many levels. “Write them in notebooks, Carve them in a tree … Put your prose on paper for eternity” — reminds me of the lessons I learned of the Holocaust growing up: We must record the mistake of the past or we are doomed to repeat them. “Torture is torture, No matter the method of delivery … Do not torture, Then call it peace” brings us to the present and the sad realization that to a certain extent our society has indeed continued to repeat the mistakes of the past.


  4. Sara that is beautiful and touching!

    I wish i had an opinion..but i don’t.
    War feels like a waste of human lives to me.
    but without war where will all the hate go?


  5. Reminding us what is at the heart of the matter – a heart crying out for peace and a say and to be heard – oh that we would listen to the heart rather than someone inciting some rightness and a side.


  6. Your message spoke so loud and powerfully, Sara. I also believe that hate is man made. Even-more to the point: thought made. I think there is an expression, “war can’t teach peace, peace can.” My hope is to end the war in myself and be that peace. You have so beautifully reminded me to carry on, no matter how dark confronting the mind can be.


  7. i re-read this poem
    and i cannot keep silent anymore
    it brought me to tears
    because i know some people who lost their loveones because of war…

    the war dries every drops of hope in this world..


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