Volcanoes Erupting


Feelings…volcanoes erupting                                     

 …unacknowledged since childhood

            are erupting

                           like open wounds

 not properly cleansed with antiseptic.

     Mourning my losses

               resolving my fears

 become the purpose of each day.


Emotional scars

               ignored too long,


                                       locked away

                                                deep in ones’ subconscious,

                                       not dealt with,

                                                stuffed so deep

                                       one hardly remembers…


                                       …becomes the molten lava,

                                       expanding from inside out,



                                                                   pushing away

                                       all those relationships

                                                that finally come to us

                                       with open arms.


All rights reserved.  ©2009 by Sara Fryd


12 thoughts on “Volcanoes Erupting

  1. This one hits close to home and identifies so much I deal with whenever I let my guard down. Thanks for capturing them so I can see it with an objective eye for a change, Sara.


  2. You couldn’t have described my own process any better! And that photo is such a beautiful compliment to your incredible words… I love how you push me to go deep and then deeper still…

    (p.s. new bloggie online – it’s been a great way to transition to the work I am doing with shadow…)


  3. amazing the life of childhood emotions and how they remain paused, waiting – do we dare to imagine, “the right time?” or least a time their flow may carry the debris to sea.


  4. I was going to say it sounds like you’re having a bad day trying to cope with some things, but then I read the comments.

    That being said, I do hope you’re NOT having a bad day!


    • Back to feel your words again Sara. There is sometimes so much comfort in acknowledging that hurt and trauma is a universal experience and that by this simple acknowledgment we can gain strength.


  5. Feelings…

    …unacknowledged since childhood

    Boy you sure know how to touch the core within me. That child, the youth, the young man, they all want to reach out to you and say “thanks” for remembering us!


  6. oh yes yes yes yes!
    and then they flood on our tears
    and build great islands

    That we get to vacation on! Rockin’!!! I LOVE this poem. Beautiful writing. Have SOOO lived Your words. Thank YOU!!!

    Cheers and Namaste All. 🙂


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