Visa Card

                                                Put you on a plane tonightVISA/IPO

                                                            all grown up son of


                                                I knew…

                                                            that never again

                                                     would we be the same.  

                                                Manhood had arrived,

                                                            like chicken pox


                                                            first grade


                                                            and girls before…

                                                …in sequence,

                                                     and not totally unexpected.

                                                No saber tooth tigers

                                                            to kill

                                                                        no dragons to slay

                                                the only challenge remaining

                                                            was new worlds

                                                                        to conquer.

                                                So take your trip


                                                                   to distant lands…

                                                And though I know

                                                            we will never be the same again

                                                                        it’s nice to hear

                                                            your deeper voice

                                                                        calling home…


                                                            we will be different

                                                                        in a quite familiar way.


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