Like a kid with a couple of cans and string
I wake to find chatter about this or that
Cross my radar screen named Vaio
Used to watch CNN to be in the know
Listening to the constant clamber
About nothing…
For who could feign concern whether Paris’ BFF hates her or not
Or Brittany shaves her head
Does it matter to starving children in Darfur
That Michael, given every opportunity, chose to moonwalk
Then leave…treasure cans
With can to ear I focus on souls, haiku, treasures of words
Whispered with love across states, continents, seas, oceans
Words that remove barriers of language
Words that heal, touch, give comfort in the night
Syllables, sentences, paragraphs to carry in pockets and purses in daylight
Ordinary words whispered by friends into cans connected with string
Lines of demarcation that used to separate
No more…


All rights reserved. ©2009 by Sara Fryd


9 thoughts on “Treasures

  1. Every word here is so true Sara. Our words and the emotions they represent are so, so powerful. I too am in awe of the connectedness they bring and their power to diminish the barriers of distance, culture, age, gender, race, and experience.


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