The Past Cries Out Loud

He is sick now

Just like she dictated everyday,

And at forty-seven

He looks eighty.

He tries to care

To get by

Like the rest of us

But schizophrenia gets in his way.

Leftover from a childhood

He sometimes puts aside.


            But hardly ever forgets.


And I remember standing

In the corner of

A whisper green living room

At midnight

Scared to death.

His older sister

Only twelve myself

Couldn’t save him

            (Only seven)

While Mother sent him to jail.

For running away… 

            Because Father

Following her daily harangues

Beat him to punish her.

In our house punishment came in threes:

Instigated by our Mother

Carried out by our Father

Forcibly held inside the rest of our lives

            by us,


I never understood Hitler

Until I learned the hatred

Worshipped by my Parents

In the name of God.



All rights reserved.  ©2009 by Sara Fryd 

 from What If… only one child remained? (


One thought on “The Past Cries Out Loud

  1. Sara, I love this one. Have loved it since I first read it in What if…only one child remained? As you know, I so empathise with the dynamic of mother as a tyrant of prehistoric proportions…a dinosaur called unpleaseablesaurus. Why do husbands and fathers often fall under the spell to become the silent yet violent conspiritors ? That is a question I am still exploring. Thank you for sharing these emotions with us all…the sharing does help to ease the sadness.


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