The Face in the Mirror

Staring back…

I see a face in the mirror,28207

Her face, not mine.

How could that be my face

I was just 16, I was just 23, I was just 32…

When did time disappear?

When did that face in the mirror become hers not mine?

When did her face meld with mine?

When did we begin to look like one another?

It’s hard to write about Mother

For to write about her

            is to write about the Mother in each of us…

The Mothers we were…

The Mothers we are…

The Mothers we have yet to become…

When we finally get it right.

To write about them is to write about us.

It’s terrifying to write about Mothers

For to write about them is to write

            about the face in the mirror

The one we now see,

            the her we were never going to see looking back

The face in the mirror we know so well

Though not at all…


That’s when we know we’re finally free

When the face in the mirror stares back

and we love it anyway.

With all it’s shadows, lines, and crevices

With all it’s learning, perception, significance.

For when we love that face…

Our face…

The one that happened while we were busy raising children

Creating homes, and lives for others to step into

            when they were ready…

And while we were busy teaching them to love each other

We magically grew up and learned to love ourselves.