The Children Wept

Because they saw a sky of Wedgwood blue

Grass burned brown,

Flowers flat upon the ground

With tread marks left by tanks, and soldiers’ trucks…


Rainbows covering a molten skysara munich

With colors never seen before that day…


God’s wonder could not erase…


            the sight

the sound

the blood…


The children wept with whispered tears.

Sounds so low they pierced an angel’s soul

Were heard reverberating from the earth…

Cries so loud they bounced right off the sky.

The angels wept and so did I.



All rights reserved.  ©2009 by Sara Fryd 

from What If… only one child remained? (


4 thoughts on “The Children Wept

  1. Such sadness, it leaves us with only each other to cling to, sometimes only angels. We can weave some things out over time but others are stamped in the fabric and forever touch the design.


  2. such beautiful words, about such a sad topic.

    the line, “Sounds so low they pierced an angel’s soul” pulled on my heart… which goes out to the children who’s eyes have seen such “rainbows”…


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