Tell Them

Tell the mother dolphin your reasons

When your spewing oil drowns her baby

As she watches him die slowly, gasping for air

And she dies of a broken heart soon after watching her baby drown

Tell the pelicans when they are no longer able to fly or feed or lay their eggs

Tell the crab, the shrimp, the sharks, the fish, the birds

Tell the sand, the beach, the marshes, the platypus

Tell the incredible blue-green water of the Caribbean Sea

And the Gulf of Mexico

And when you’re done explaining again

Tell God…

Tell him that you have no plan at all, so you spend money

On advertising instead of cleaning up your spewing waste

Your ads make me sick

You can’t keep sucking greed out of the inside of the earth before it implodes

Why aren’t we standing on shore screaming

Screaming at the government, screaming at ourselves

Our way of life of purging and gorging, gorging and purging

Our destruction will not come

Not at the hands of our enemies

Who bring down the World Trade Center

Our destruction will come from our friends inside

Close friends, who speak English, whose actions are hollow greed

Still pissed they lost the Colonies in the American Revolution

Empty gestures of advertising, leaving empty nests near shore

Covered in oil

Go ahead Tony Hayward, don’t tell me that you’re a good guy

I already know that you’re a liar, that you’re no friend

Go ahead tell Obama more of your lies, then tell God

Maybe he’ll listen, I’m deaf to your lies…

All rights reserved.  ©2010 by Sara Fryd