The Cat Lady

Cat Lady in Training (courtesy of vox


There is a young girl, a woman

a neighbor near you

who takes care of little creatures.

Birds with broken wings…

          lost children, broken hearts

Cats that have no homes

          need food or shelter

for a day, a week, forever…

She is you, she is me, she is my friend

Life separated us

Chasms apart, hearts far away

Land and oceans dividing bodies

not hearts…

For conjoined hearts cannot be separate

We share words, she and I

we share feelings…

For humans lost, hearts found

misplaced critters tossed aside

                    catching spiders and crickets

Lost in the house in glass jars,

Tossing them outside, on flowers in our gardens.

On dreary Sunday mornings, gray skies pouring cold rain

I remember us fondly, with goose bumps traveling up my spine.

I remember wondrous little girls and women

          who take care of little creatures…

Children with broken spirits, birds with broken wings,

          cats that have no homes.

*for my very special friends, too many to name, you know who you are…  I love you

All rights reserved.  ©2010 by Sara Fryd