Tag You’re It

Pockets are great places forjean butt pocket

         used bubble gum

          three key rings

           loose change

              and me…

Pockets hold memories of

         folded poems

          lost phone numbers

      old business cards

            and me…

Wonderful things are stored in pockets

          colored kite string

               used toothpicks

    crushed movie tickets

                    and me…

Fantasies are hidden in pockets

     along with tiny seashells

              speckled rocks

   half eaten chocolate bars

             and me…


All rights reserved.  ©2009 by Sara Fryd


6 thoughts on “Tag You’re It

  1. I would carry you around in my pocket in a heartbeat! This made me think of this newspaper clipping I carried around for years as a teenager. It was a photo of this 108 year old woman in a leotard doing yoga. She looked like a wrinkled pretzel and was completely inspiring. Apparently she still is. 😉 Thank you for the reminder!


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