Someday in Paris

You seduce with the body of a manSomeday in Paris

          who’d ask a woman to lunch in Paris


          when he could afford the first class fare

Denny’s around the corner will have to do for now

And though I’ve known passion with men of experience 

More than once…

Talented older and wiser men

Surely, they were incapable of lighting my heart

Not as you, with your laughing eyes

Which tickle at daybreak

In my office, with the door closed, and our clothes on…

I can’t remember the last time I wished for a younger body

Believed a truce had been made with the one I inhabit


I find myself longing for dreams at 3 am

The daylight dance again and again 

Wishing you were fifty and seven

            instead of twenty and nine

Yearning for me, like you did yesterday

With those amused lake brushed eyes, not knowing yet

How to approach me or where to begin

All rights reserved.  ©2009 by Sara Fryd


7 thoughts on “Someday in Paris

  1. Oh, hubba, hubba! I love the texture of this, the delicate longing… Yummy!

    (I’m down to once a week visits, dear Sara, due to this new job and spending time with family. But never fear, I’ll be here! Could never stay away too long from the brilliance that is you…)

    ~April Belle


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