Seventh Commandment

The pillows tasted of you

Decalogue Parchment by Jekuthiel Sofer (1768)

Aromas mingled,

Lilacs, lemon

Pristine roses

Picked from my garden at dawn

In a vase a top my flowered Bombé chest



Fitful sleep

Tearful slivered chocolate eyes

         like shards of Ghiardelli 

in a tiny bag from the factory near Pier 39.

You’re absent without leave. 

You left your soul behind.

Took your heart away

before the sun could take your place…

In total darkness,

and left no forwarding address.

Awakening many times                                  

            searching for

            my home

                        my space

your right shoulder to dream on…

And even when you arrive for respite

            you’re soul is always there…

You’re always leaving early

            for this reason or that excuse.

Always too soon,

            long before love ends.

Does she miss you?

Like I do,

when you’re far




                                    y          from me…      

With an fire and ache

            no water can extinguish

            no medicine can cure?

A hunger no food can satiate?

Or are her needs

            just different than mine?

Not noticing you’re absence,

            so long as

the mortgage is paid

and the grass mowed on time.


5 thoughts on “Seventh Commandment

  1. Thou shall not stray from the roost!

    Great piece..
    Ya know, for the most part, Fidelity Bank and trust is a tough creditor. You make a deposit somewhere else, they close your account…………Forever!


  2. Of course there is really only one answer to this problem..

    “Thus shalt learn to love brown grass”…Ya know, I like it, maybe we can write someone to change that, keep the 7th more upbeat…

    That’s enough of my madness…Caio


  3. That’s an amazing perspective, Sara. It’s very difficult to express something like this, and do so in such tender sympathetic terms. A raw, painful topic covered delicately and gracefully.



  4. Sara,

    Be still my beating heart. Wow!

    Almost speechless. Where to begin.

    Have you read the love poems of the Sufi? Sounds a little like the love expressed for the “Beloved.”

    Man, what it would have been like to be on the receiving end of such expressions.

    Wait a minute. I was. Wasn’t I? I mean, I FELT the words touching me, not that guy you got away from in 1975.

    Thanks, sweetie. I needed to read you again.

    Michael J

    PS Hope you don’t mind me calling you sweetie? I’m just taking poetic license here.


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