San Juan Windows

2.  San Juan

Deserted windows

Empty now

no one looking out.

No sounds of children playing.

No birds resting

waiting for a crumb of bread.

No poets

sitting on your ledge,

watching goings on

on streets below.

Reporting to the world beyond

passionate fantasies.


as yet untold.

Why do your fading colors,

your falling






of sea green paint

Illicit such emotion in me?

The amateur photographer

more poet

than lens or eye.

Who stumbled

upon your timeless beauty


Walking a deserted street

one warm November afternoon…


All rights reserved.  ©2009 by Sara Fryd

Photography & Poetry by Sara Fryd*

*This photograph was taken November 1990 by me.  If you look below the window sill there is a piece of paper with the words “me poeme” (my poem) in Spanish.  I started writing March 1991.  Four months before I started writing, God left me a note on a wall in San Jan, Puerto Rico near the fort asking me to pursue something I had never done before.  I took the photo, though I didn’t see God’s note until 1993 after I had already written more than a hundred poems.  Guess God and I are on the same wave length even though I’m often too slow to hear him.  I must pay closer attention.


4 thoughts on “San Juan Windows

  1. Oh yes–there is something so alluring about old architecture, especially windows and doors. I think you captured it–it is the wonder of life seen through, in, out, beyond the structure–the story of a life. Absolutely stunning, Sara. Your photos are as wonderful as your writing.


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