Red Satin Sheets


Wyatt Earp

Wyatt Earp

            …watch out

for graying men

with big hearts,

handlebar mustaches,

red satin sheets,

leopard skin chaises,


mirrors on the ceiling. 

They’ll come at the strangest

            time in your life,

and steal your heart away

              never asking for

very much in return. 

And every time your

            heart gets broken,

Which happens

            more often than not.                                               

They happen by

            to pick up the pieces,

            with a band-aid

            and a hug.


All rights reserved.  ©2009 by Sara Fryd


8 thoughts on “Red Satin Sheets

  1. Sara, if I ever met a man like that I would swoon! Immediately upon gaining consciousness, a giggle might escape as he helped me up, perhaps I’d bat my lashes, lean in for an almost-kiss…

    and run like hell!



  2. Sara;
    It took me a while to find ‘Red Satin Sheets’ …

    A person’s behavior towards another human being greatly outweighs any faith or beliefs one professes to have.


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