Papa Pirate

He was part pirate

Benny, Sara, Nusha

Benny, Sara, Nusha

Part protector, all black marketeer

Observant, deceptive, courageous

And in this life, he might have been

A CIA agent, a CEO, or Sean Connery

In Gold Finger

But it was then, and that was that

Choices none, so…

He wooed them – Nusha and Raia

With potatoes and chocolates

Because he could not find food

For trade or barter

Though he had gold with precious stones

For sale…

Taken off the bodies of dead Russian soldiers.

Along with silk blouses,

There were wool jackets to keep them warm.

For when there is nothing to eat or drink

Water caught from steam engines in cupped hands

Can quench a thirst, and

Even onion peals can keep you alive

For another day…


All rights reserved.  ©2009 by Sara Fryd


5 thoughts on “Papa Pirate

  1. The beauty of survival… I loved how your painted this wonderful man as “Observant, deceptive, courageous,” a possible CIA agent, movie star, part pirate…

    It seems he saved his best role to protect the ones he loved most. I bow to this man, this heroic papa.


  2. He knew how to stay alive, and how to protect his loved ones. Lots of little girls wish they had such a protector.

    A loving tribute dear. He’d be honored, I’m sure. 🙂


  3. What a stark tale of the lengths some go to.. just to survive. Thanks for the reminder Sara of just how privilaged we are in comparison, even amidst our own depths of worry and loss.


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