Opening Doors

We sat and talkedgirls

deep into the night

and told each other secrets

saved only for those

special friends…

…one shares a lifetime with

in less than an hour.

Where do they come from

all these feelings?

Talking both at once

yet, hearing every word.

Taking in only enough air

to keep breathing, and

start once more.

Time stood still.

We forgot to be tired

while we shared thosegirls2

parts of  our hearts

saved only for those

special friends…

…one shares a life time with

in less than an hour.


4 thoughts on “Opening Doors

  1. I have a friend which feels this way to me, but instead of the breathless simul-talk, it’s more a quiet, shared understanding of silence and warmth.

    But I still got it.


  2. I am blessed to have this kind of relationship with a few friends, and with my mother and my sister. I wouldn’t trade it for the world, even though it’s realllly tough getting up in the morning after those late night chats:)

    Gabrielle is positively beaming, Sara. Thank you so much:)


    • She is pretty darn cute, if I say so myself 😉 She is telling all of her friends to send in stories. She is probably the best marketing person you could ever find. Miss Thing is friends with everybody 🙂


  3. Thank you for such delightful articles … Yeah, I’ve been going through some of your stuff here …

    I like your writings about friends very much: oh, here’s a little something with my best friend Sandy:


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