Nothing to Prove

You had nothing to prove

To me…

It was love at first sight

How could you not love that face

Blond hair, piercing blue eyes, wearing red

Be still my heart…

Wrote you a poem on your birthday

Which I left amongst the papers

On that big desk

“The biggest desk in the building,”

You reminded me smiling.

“Bigger than the President’s!”

Another story, another lunch

In a yellow bug convertible with the top down

I thought…

I was the luckiest girl in Orange County

You wore your new black cashmere coat

You kept on the special wooden hanger

On the back of the door.

You always thought you had something to prove

Not to me, though to yourself

To feel you had finally arrived.

The need to climb Mt Everest

And you did, and you have

You have proved it all

Said goodbye to the naysayer forever

Just so you know

You never had to prove anything

Not to me…

I always wanted to call you Jimmy

Though I always called you Jim.


All rights reserved.  ©2009 by Sara Fryd


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