Murder of a Child’s Soul


I was witness to a crime.

A crime perpetrated by a Mother

Upon her children

In the name of justice. 


She couldn’t deal with

She tossed aside

Like laundry thrown in hampers

Used, dreary, dingy…

Dumped them instead

On her children

So they could bleed for her.  

There’s no strength

In staying a victim

In collapsing on your children’s souls

Without their permission.


Like verbal rocks

Through picture windows

Of yellow painted houses with white picket fences. 

By Mothers who abdicate

Responsibility for parenthood

Watching beatings,

Pretending they don’t see.

It takes no courage…

To use sons and daughters

Like packages opened at Christmas

            With price tags still on.

It takes no courage…

To demean, to subjugate

To lie to make yourself a hero.

Cowards manipulate and control.

Cowards destroy their children’s self-esteem

Because they have none themselves.

            And to think…  

One can not drive a car without a license

                                     or a test.


A Mother can trash her childrens’ souls


And never even get a ticket.


All rights reserved.  ©2009 by Sara Fryd

from What If… only one child remained? (