Mother of the Bride

It takes courage to stand tallmother of the bride

          when we feel our wounds so visible

          worried that all will witness our pain…

Courage and bravery…

          strength beyond words.

You present yourself with such grace

          with such dignity, head held high

          turning your face to the light

          letting the sun warm your soul

          knowing that you have…

God’s blessings at your finger tips.

For God lives next to a rose bush. 

Every prayer a new rose.

Every hurtful thought a thorn.

If we are willing…

          we replace our hurtful thoughts

          with thoughts of joy.

We can carry with us

          the strength of the thorn

          the beauty of the rose

And we are never, ever alone.

All rights reserved.  ©2009 by Sara Fryd

*Note:  Years ago I was invited to a friends wedding and advised in advance that the Mother of the Bride had recently been left for a younger women.  The Father was coming to his daughter’s wedding with his new bride.  I included this poem with a thank you note for inviting me.


5 thoughts on “Mother of the Bride

  1. Sara, your writings sincerely are a source of strength and comfort, and yes, inspiration for those in need. Surely you’re blessed and you should be thanked for passing that blessing on.


  2. How lovely of you to include this poem in your thank you note! To know we are never alone is the biggest gift – I can only imagine that woman’s surprise. I know for me, it would have touched my core.


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