Me, New & Improved


                                                          like butterflies

                                                in spring

                                       are coming

                                             in all directions at once.

              An open bookbutterflies

      every nuance

          written on my face

                in my eyes.

Like seventh grade

           when every look

                 every boy

  crushed your ego, or

            broke your heart.

Has it been…                  

          so long

       since anyone

             touched me

that all my feelings…

                   are coming

           like butterflies

                              in spring

                                                in all directions

                                                          at once.


All rights reserved.  ©2009 by Sara Fryd


8 thoughts on “Me, New & Improved

  1. How is it that you can just “throw words on paper” as you said and come up with these beautiful poems? You are such an inspiration, Sara. You write so vividly and make it look so effortless.


  2. That’s such a wonderful way of describing the things you’re describing … there’s so much imagery, I can sense it, feel it, that fluttery, junior high way of feeling, when everything is so scattershot and overwhelming. Awesome, Sara. Simply awesome.


  3. it’s such fun reading this – me hoovering in mid-air, lightness in the space of day – the gentle touch of fragility – remembered here. This form so like the fultter, here and there.


  4. I like the idea of a “throw down”. Like it is a battle or something. A war with those words we talked about that set up residence and refuse to fade quickly like a bruise or mend like a break. Butterflies in all directions when we try to tease out the intentions of those words.


  5. Oh for the fluttery feeling of butterflies in the stomach ! Again we appear to be writing on the same page of our journey… reflecting, reminiscing about desire inspired by human connection.

    The butterflies may be illusive but your words are certainly not !!! How effortlessly you appear to capture the feelings in your net Sara !


  6. I saw a lovely butterfly fluttering around my garden the very first time I kissed a boy. This was around 7th grade. The memory of the butterfly definitely outranks the kiss.


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