Mask of Lies

He wears a mask, a mask

          covering lies while smiling,

“I love you Mom. You’re the best. Thanks for the car keys.”

Gorging on love given away like whip crème

          sprayed directly in the mouth

from the red and white can in the fridge.

What was it I missed,

          raising a boy into a talented creative man

With opportunities I could only dream about?

Giving away every item of love I wished for from one

Who was incapable of giving anything but food.

Whether circumstance or lack of understanding precipitated

The inability to give a daughter what she needed.

So I gave what I never received

Certain that love given as joy, as hope,

Would grow, would nurture his soul

This wanted child I longed for and cherished.

I’m lost, wandering through years I’ve lived

Not knowing what went wrong. 


Does anyone else comprehend such loss?

Mountains high with regrets

Why should one continue to breathe?

We foolish humans worry about serial killers

Strangers coming from shadows with torture unimaginable.

When the pain of being rejected by your child

Can cause you to wish your breathing would cease

And soon.

All rights reserved.  ©2010 by Sara Fryd