Malice Aforethought

He touched me…SexualAbuse2

in places I didn’t like or want

I knew him, so I let him

I was little and scared

I couldn’t stop him

for I was only three.

He touched me…

I cried when he came in

I cried when he left

I learned to hate

to carry hurt inside;

like a permanent a scab on my soul

I couldn’t heal.

I couldn’t stop him

for I was only eight.

He touched me…

at least he tried once more

just because he thought he could.

I stopped him this time…

not because I was scared

not because I hated him

not because I still hurt.

for I was all grown up

and knew it was wrong

and finally able to say NO!

Finally able…

to turn my wounds into wisdom

healing the scabs

so maliciously left

by someone else

to fester for years

upon my soul.


All rights reserved.  ©2009 by Sara Fryd   (I have a dear friend who was molested by her Father.  This was written for her since she couldn’t give voice to her wounds.)


4 thoughts on “Malice Aforethought

  1. Thank you for deciding to post this piece Sara. It is so important that we keep talking, raising awareness, and planting the seed in the minds of adults and children alike that they are not alone…and that protection from harm is their birth right. Where did you find that picture ? So powerful.


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