Forty-three feelings of the day arrive

Or fifty-two

In this place in my middle

below my left ventricle

behind, a little to the right,

above my navel

pressed up against my spine.

A place where I know

Antananarivo at Sunset by Steve Evans

Antananarivo at Sunset by Steve Evans

          just know…

That self pity destroys the perpetrator

Complaining falls on deaf ears, and

Hurting is a contagious disease

            you catch yourself

For which…

only you have the vaccine.                                              

As I microscope my evaporating life

that left in a heartbeat

I know that I did not plan,

At least not knowingly,

Much of what happened to me

Yet, I know I did.

While pretending that

I do not have the answers

Refusing to unlock the door to let them in…

And Madagascar is an island

Off the Eastern coast of Africa,

And I can find my way there

Any time I please.


All rights reserved.  ©2009 by Sara Fryd


*For Dr. Martin Bravin, a professor, teacher, and friend who passed on.  He used to play a game with his students.  “Want to change your life?  You have three minutes from the time I start the stop watch.  One, two, three.  What is the capital of Madagascar?” he asked clicking the start button on the watch.  “How you play the game is how you run your life.”  He also had me read the Estachological Laundry List.


3 thoughts on “Madagascar

  1. Madagascar… seems like such a poignant metaphor for “home.” My home, yours, your friend’s… Madagacar… the place our hearts long to go…

    And what a lovely ending – to know we can all get there. 🙂


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