Lunch On Friday

My eyes focused on the second buttoncowboy

        of your blue and white shirt.

Heart don’t stop, lungs breathe

        legs don’t fail me now.

I want to melt into the space

        behind that button.

So wrap your arms around me

        hold me still

        listen to the rhythm of my breathing.

Hear that I am unable

        to move, to speak

to take my eyes off that button,

        to leave.

Years withdrawn, convinced

         to feel meant to hurt.

Comprehending now

         joy and pain are shared,

And if you never feel anything

          joy eludes you, too.

Dormant for years

          like Vesuvius…

All these words

          spilling out on paper

          like lava covering a landscape.

Accepting the inevitable

                 been hiding too long…

                      …way too long.

Oh, to be a lost kitten, having you find me

           keeping me warm and safe

           in that space,

Where I may stay forever

           behind the second button

of your blue and white shirt.

*first poem written 3/25/91 


2 thoughts on “Lunch On Friday

  1. Oh, hey, you found my picture on the Internet somewhere. Darn, here I was trying to hide my identity.

    Very nice; steamy and sensual with no sense of being graphic. Nicely done, Sara!


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