Love On Wings

San Xavier Mission by Sara Fryd
San Xavier Mission by Sara Fryd

I held a mirror up to you

So you could see the fire

You carry deep

The voice you crave to share

With the hunger of years

One cannot retrieve

No matter the longing.

You reversed the mirror for me

So I could visit my own reflection

Hear my own voice, however faint…

Answers to questions asked

You, and me

Birthed in need

Watered with tears

Fed with joy

Grown strong, slowly with time

Nurtured cautiously

A tiny bird’s egg

Placed gently back inside the nest

With love, with thoughtful respect

We were created

A world that took God only seven days

Took us a lifetime

Or so it seems.


For Aunt Judy.  All rights reserved.  ©2009 by Sara Fryd


6 thoughts on “Love On Wings

  1. Nothing is more reflective of ourselves than the mirrors we hold up to others; they clarify what we are for ourselves if we are brave enough to look into them.

    Well said, Sara. Very well said.


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