Though I’ve worn my heartlonging

Upon my sleeve (and around my knees)

More times than I care to remember

Or talk about in mixed company.

There is that special place I keep for you

Like the bag that’s packed

With brandy colored lipstick, ginger cologne

A little black dress, and pink lingerie

That ignites fire in those knowing eyes.

             In case…

                       Just in case…

The wind ever whispers your name

On a crisp October evening

When I answer a knock at the door

And a stranger with your face

Requests to come in.


7 thoughts on “Longing

  1. “And a stranger with your face Requests to come in” caught me off guard. I’m not going to ask what this is about, I know that this will destroy some of the magic I see in your words. I guess all I have to say is “wow,” and smile happily to myself.


    • Thank you:) I’m so glad you liked the sestina. It was my first but probably not my last 😉

      I’m battling a nasty cold but trying to drop by and visit a few people when I have the energy. Hope to be back in full swing soon:)


  2. Oh the longing!

    Before I met Darc, I used to have dreams about him, and this reminded me so much of that, those dreams, that ache to see someone who wasn’t there.

    Beautifully done. 🙂


  3. The beautiful wording and imagery are captivating. The context is well-structured and expressive. I’m intrigued by your lines and will gladly read all of your writing I missed previously.

    I have found another great prose master to learn from!

    Sara, thank you and take care!


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