Lemons & Honey, Crackers & Tea


We had a tea party, you and I

Yesterday, when March was cold.

We were three or four again

Five or six or seven.

Changed the world

Solved the chaos, hunger, pain.

Waved our magic wands

Fixed all the ills

Brought peace to a planet torn

From the vantage of the couch.

A romantic and pragmatic

Created a world of love and hope

Magic and men who understood.

Then drank our tea with lemon and honey

Out of a teapot trimmed in gold.

And as I sit here remembering you

With a smile on my face

A tear running down my cheek


For a brief moment

I was three or four, five or six


And every second of life held

Magic and wonder and new discoveries of friends.

Another gray morning arrives

Drinking tea out of your cup

With the lipstick mark where

You left it on the rim last night.

Remembering again the magic of being

Three or four, five or six again

Drinking tea out of a teapot trimmed in gold.*


*My friend Jan died in 2013.  This poem was written for her one night after she left my couch.





One thought on “Lemons & Honey, Crackers & Tea

  1. I forgot to mention that I love the gold reference…I wonder if I will have that song stuck in my head now? Make new friends but keep the old…


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