Little Girls & Purple Cats

PurpleCat4She said she had a cat named Purple…

I mentioned cats didn’t come in purple.

She replied, “You’ve never seen him

sleeping on the roof at sunset!”

How does one argue with five year old logic,

Eyes that see magic at every turn?

“Little Judy,” a creative, forty year old mind

inhabiting a little girl’s body,

with hair and eyes the color of ravens

and midnight.

I remember her sliding down the stairs

one by one on her behind.

She called it “sledding on carpet,

warm snow with bumps.”

Watching her giggling all the way down;

a flashlight in one hand, Purple in the other.

You never knew when you needed a light

for making rainbows or turning cats purple.

To where do they disappear, I wondered…

The magic wands, purple cats,

staircase rainbows

made of flashlights and magic?

When do little girls grow up,

and stop sliding down stairs?


All rights reserved.  ©2009 by Sara Fryd


5 thoughts on “Little Girls & Purple Cats

  1. This is awesome. Loved the line about hair and eyes the color of ravens and midnight — fantastic. And a beautiful capture of the realization that our childhoods get left behind somewhere along our lives.



  2. Oh, Sara, what a question! And what a lovely, detail rich exploration of this loss of inner play. I have to believe the little girl is still inside, laughing at our struggle to find her.


  3. I used to slide down the stairs, sledding on a blanket. What fun!

    Then we moved to a ranch style house. No more stairs, no more sledding.

    The magic wands still live on in my heart though. Always. 🙂

    Lovely work hon.


  4. Growing up (sic), i was a very serious child with no trace of magic about me. In later life when the periods of anxiety started my grandmother blamed this on never having been a child. (I have seen magic in my mind that others have never seen, though). Good post!! 🙂


  5. Sometimes I remember where I left it…to retrieve it takes exactly 5.5 splashes across a puddle or 10 separate snowflakes on your tongue. You can get there by stairs but I am afraid of cracking my tailbone. 🙂


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