Kyle Christopher

Thirty thousand feetkyle

Above the ground

The world is whizzing by below

Yet, I’m standing still

At six hundred miles an hour

Above the clouds

Below the sun


A few short hours ago

I held you curled

Your tiny face inside my neck

Sheltering you

While you slept

Feeling you

Dream your dreams

Of the person

You would become

Curious look in your eyes

When you sucked my finger

Nothing coming out

Flashing me a smile that lit

My heart with a thousand candles

Had to return you to your Mom

Hugging you goodbye, knowing

Four days in April

I held in my arms

The miracle called “you.”


2 thoughts on “Kyle Christopher

  1. This brought a lot of memories back to me of a time when my son was an infant and I had to travel on business. I missed him so much, and he did so many of the same things you mentioned here.


  2. There is nothing like holding a newborn, is there? It’s especially amazing when it is your own, but every newborn is just a miraculous gem of innocence and potential. Something about those little baby hands and feet that gets me every time…


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