©2006 Sue Norwood & Jim O'Neil

©2006 Sue Norwood & Jim O'Neil


Between adolescence and womanhood

lies a bridge, a crossing over

an opaque, murky, slow moving river

cutting through tall rocks with striped

layers of dark rust and pale blush light

Whose banks are filled with cottonwoods,

towering sliver dollar eucalyptus,

and hiding places for feelings

heavy as rocks.

Prickly thistle hurt your palms

like an occasional wayward boy

your heart.

Dandelions ride the wind

on tall grasses green as emerald gems

landing on newly discovered spotted puppies

left alone hiding near the shore.


holding ropes in lieu of wooden slats

with tight fingers, dark painted nails

tentative, unsure, crossing slowly

moving planks, unnerving to the soul

from baby girl to child to teenager to woman

the child in yellow flowers turns toward the light

“Mama, Mama help me,” she cries with wondrous eyes.

Wistfully turning…

the beautiful woman waits with outstretched arms

knowing, I cannot help, I cannot venture back

across the bridge

the present does not permit return

except in dreams.

Life, my life, my future yet unexplored, unknown

whispering faintly with anticipation

when courage takes me willingly

now in this moment, across the bridge…


for Abbie

All rights reserved.  © 2009 by Sara Fryd


3 thoughts on “Juncture

  1. So powerful. So.

    the present does not permit return
    except in dreams

    The stabbing sorrow of that statement in its honesty and truth will sting for a long while.


  2. Stunning dear, just stunning. This brought to mind a mother trying to help her daughter navigate that bridge too. A lovely piece of work – and a good pic to go with it. 🙂


  3. Loved this as well as some of the others!

    What a gift you have and what a gift I received today
    to meet you and learn of this! My heartiest Thank you!


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