Je Suis Monet

I paint in hues of wedgwood dust monet

On a canvas of sandy beaches

Freshly packed by gentle waves

Under sunlit skies of gold and tangerine.


I paint in shades of ochre dim

Of turned earth, wet with polka-dotted rain

And ivory gray striped yellow leafed trees

With letter carved hearts remembering.


I paint at dawn in bluish pinks, in lavender stroked

Lit horizons that blanket saguaros, prickly pear, yuccas

In quilts of puce, lime in lieu of emerald green, and

Violet boulders peaking ’round corners to nowhere.


Where I can see forever… monet-oron

Painting broad brush strokes…

Forever nourishing my soul…

Because I love, because I need, because I can…





  All rights reserved.  ©2009 by Sara Fryd 


6 thoughts on “Je Suis Monet

  1. This was amazing Sara. You are incredibly gifted! If I were blind, I would still be able to see the beauty by your words. Amazing and breath taking.


  2. A superbly written poem. Your poem is a watercolor brush, painting a masterpiece. Your words are crisp, solid and clear.
    Indeed, this poem sings out, with resonance. Poetry is our daily bread, and all we need is a crumb. Keep sharing.


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