Gwendolyn Viper

Tomorrow  is my birthday, so I am in Scottsdale celebrating with my little cousins Miri and Bella (4 and 18 months respectively) and their parents and my Aunt Judy. 

Thought I could let my hair down and you would all understand this silly post.  The Beatles song “will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I’m 64” keeps playing in my head but I digress.  This happened a few years back and “Bob” is a compilation of many condensed into one.

If you’re hanging out on the many internet dating sites looking for your “soul mate,” my only advice is get a thick skin.  A few years back I made the grievous error of putting a profile on one of those dating sites.  When you put “poet” as your occupation, men get curious.  I think they think you are partially cute but mostly an airhead.  Who reads poetry these days anyway? 

“Bob” sends me a couple of emails, requests my phone number, then calls.  He lives in Toledo, Ohio – wants adventure, wants love, wants to meet his soul mate.  After a couple of my cleverly written emails, he is definitely smitten.  We’re on the phone every night for two weeks for hours on end.  When am I flying to Toledo for the weekend?  Please, pretty please. 

As much as I would like to meet my soul mate, I don’t fly off to meet strangers that I’ve talked to on the phone whom I met on the Internet.  Sorry…

So I begin listening very carefully and asking real questions.  He didn’t like his first wife very much.  She was a Shiksa (a non-Jewish female).  He’s been single since the divorce.    Let me get this straight, doesn’t date Jewish women, never has since he graduated from college.  Oh, okay, well I’m Jewish and he’s Jewish.  What am I supposed to do – convert?  And if so to what religion?  Then comes the Achilles question, “Did I have a retirement account?”  Since I worked at such a big company that does business with the government, how was IRA doing?   Well Ira is just fine but the retirement account that’s another conversation.  A tad more polite than how much money do you have in the bank.

Very clever man indeed since it was summer of 2003, and the market had been swaying a lot.  Not bad I guess.  I had been flipping mutual funds on a daily basis in my company IRA and making about 35% (all legal, no fees, though no one tells you these things until you ask).  Not a bad return all in all for six months of playing. 

Soooo… the Achilles question, was I going to let him manage my retirement account when we got together?  At which point I looked at the ceiling in my kitchen (where I was making tea) and asked God “Why me?  Why do all the weird ones show up on my doorstep?  You’re still punishing me ‘cause I wanted the divorce.  This is not fair.”  God knows me real well and has for a long time.  Just like the therapist my ex-husband took me to, to get me fixed, God has been up there on a regular basis LHAO (sorry Dr. Sanders, sorry God, just broke another commandment – again.  My mission statement for my life to keep all these people in stiches with my stories. ) 

I sweetly informed Bob no one touches my money but me.  The silence on the phone was audible.  He got a little miffed, the conversation ended with it was late in Toledo, and he had to be at work early.  And the emails got a little rude and mean.  Remember, one shouldn’t mess with writers.  Right Dane? 

GVW busResponded to his last email as follows:  

I hear you are available, looking for adventure, are tired of Toledo, Ohio, and would love to take a trip to California.  Come on down, my name is Gwendolyn Viper.   I’m 55, blond (?), thin (?), and hate my ex husbands (all 5 of them… they were losers).  I have 6 kids, though 4 are in the penitentiary and the other 2 won’t talk to me, and I have piercings in places you can’t imagine.  But guess what?  I’m a Shiksa and don’t live in Toledo.  I have a couple ostriches living in my backyard, a green iguana for a pet, and read tarot cards for a living.  My palm parlor is in Banning outside of San Bernardino and if you fly into Ontario, I’ll come pick you up in my decorated VW bus.  It’s the one with all the bumper stickers and the peace sign on it so you’ll know me when you get off the plane.  Sorry, it has no air conditioning, but what the hell we’ll be so sweaty by the time we get out of the parking lot we won’t need any anyway.  We’ll have to stop at the RV place at the nudist colony on the way home to take a shower; they all shower together, so I hope you don’t mind, do you?  You’ll be the only Jewish guy anyone’s ever seen…   xoxo Gwen

Never heard from “Bob” again.  Can’t imagine why?  Guess he didn’t have a sense of humor after all.


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9 thoughts on “Gwendolyn Viper

  1. Oh my gosh, that’s too funny! Gwen Viper. Love it! I know how that whole online dating thing goes – that’s how I met Darc, btw. I must have gone through a hundred toads before I found my handsome prince, though.

    One guy expected me to buy him a motorcycle with my divorce proceeds. Another thought I should build him a workshop. Still another figured I owed him for his phone bills. Stupid lazy men. Makes you suspicious – are they looking for a wife or someone to put an insurance policy on?

    • Some of us are just hoping to find a companion. Someone to make base camp with so we can then go climb mountains. I’d be very happy with that and I’m hoping my current girlfriend could be just that.

      Sara – Absolutely brilliant. I think If I were him, I’d have done my best at a second, more honest, shot; you don’t find such a strong and confident woman easily or often.

      That letter had adventure written all over it. I think I might have found it enticing… LoL. You have a wonderful sense of humor.

  2. Oh, Sara… I was grinning and smirking shamelessly reading this, lol. Actually I met my partner via the Internet, but it was by total accident. I commented on one of his Amazon reviews… email convos flourished and however many months later, I (yes, little ol’ me!) flew to Virginia. The rest, as they say, is history (one small child later, lol).

    However I most definitely have a horror Internet story as well. Won’t go into that one (you’re spared, you’re spared!). I WISH to God I had used the Gwen Viper email to avoid the heartache!!

    And though this is probably late, Happy Birthday!!!!!!! Hope it was a good one!

  3. hello there,
    love your wonderful sense of humour and he had NONE, period

    i was wickedly thrilled reading and i’m just a chi bol…..

  4. Ahh yes, the not-so-joyous world of internet dating. Haven’t we all been there. It’s amazing these men even bother rolling away the rock from the entrance to their caves long enough to allow the cable guy in to connect the internet in the first place !!!

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