God on the Whisper

Maya says,whisper-ear_jpg “Get God on the whisper.”

Women with clout

Women with money

More important than I surely,

A middle aged forgotten white woman

Who paid for a few degrees

Raised children alone

Worked daily without getting a life or spouse

Then spent her retirement money

On them…

Them who have forgotten her

The one who held the family together

Raised siblings and children

Cared for parents, and animals left behind

She writes…

To connect, to share, to teach, to love

To reach out, to shake them

Blaring on paper with pen

Get God on the whisper,” says Maya.

God throws a pebble, then a rock

God throws a brick

Brick walls arrive in mass

One after the other,


When all else fails and no one is listening

Not even Noah

God sends a hurricane

An earthquake, a tsunami.

Hear the lost whispers

That arrive daily on the wind

The breeze before the hurricane

The tremor before the earthquake

The waves softly gracing the shore

As it sucks the sand out to sea

Then decide…

Do you listen to the whispers, do you ignore?

All rights reserved.  ©2009 by Sara Fryd


9 thoughts on “God on the Whisper

  1. *Hugs* I have no idea how you rip so much emotion out of the same words I’ve seen my whole life; yet somehow, they’re more potent, powerful, stinging when you string them together in your magical way.

    God bless you.


  2. Sara, lovely and profound… if I ever need to jolt my naivete or blind acceptance of life’s injustices… I have you to offer a clearer version of reality. And from that… I grow.


  3. A sense of mystery and the workings of our own declarations rahter than our listening to the life we have – the place that sadness tries to live claiming a life has not been lived – someone writing always lets me see that i had my life – have it still. Fascinating and engaging poem you give us.


  4. God Shmod….
    Of course he throws bricks
    and anything else he can get his omnipotent hands on.

    Now, forget the whispers; get him to give you a ride in the Mana-injected, heavenly stock car through the eye of a hurricane while the walls come tumbling down and the flood is still a single tear.

    Now we’re talkin!!
    I hear Yahweh has a lead foot.


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