God Doesn’t Throw Dice


“God doesn’t throw dice,”*

the Rabbi answered when asked why

and why again.

So many questions

So few answers

Why…the Romans, the Greeks, the Syrians

Why and why again

Why…the Egyptians the Inquisition, the Germans

The world against us ‘Why’?

What to say the Rabbi thought

To bring a little peace

A little peace at Rosh Hashanah

And so…

He smiled at the voice in the back row.

“God doesn’t throw dice,” Rabbi answered.

A little less certain with voice cracking

During days that should be filled with joy

And wonder.

The boy in the back of the shul (synagogue)

Would not be tamed, would not be sated.

“Why Rabbi, why?

Why does my Zadeh (Grandfather) have a number on his arm?

How can this happen?  Why?”

“I don’t know,” the Rabbi finally whispered.

A pin dropped no one heard.

Except the little boy.


* quote by Albert Einstein

All rights reserved.  ©2009 by Sara Fryd


7 thoughts on “God Doesn’t Throw Dice

  1. “I have a fatal compulsion to find a higher kind of sense in things that make no sense at all.” –- Hunter S. Thompson

    This captures the essence of the imponderable essence of out inability to see the world as God does. Loved it! 🙂


    • Sorry, I meant to say This captures the imponderable essence of out inability to see the world as God does.” (I must have suffered a brain hiccup when I wrote this; I really wanted to get “imponderable into my comment.)


  2. If the dice always fell on lucky numbers, that would be great, but as we know, we’re mostly playing against the odds and getting bad rolls. In other words, Einstein knows that God doesn’t play games with people lives, but he allows evil to happen, or bad things happen to good people, as Harold Kushner wrote, because it’s part of the world as we know it.


  3. I put Einstein in the present instead of the past tense, so it should have been “Einstein knew,” instead of “Einstein knows.” I know it’s a minor imperfection, but I’m my own critic, and it helps me learn. 😉


  4. Sara,
    Thank you for the advice. I’m a big fan of Albert Einstein, and he’s on my favorites, bookmarks, fan pages, groups, quotes, etc… He IS intelligent and wise! 😉


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