For I Can Fly

There are thoseflying-man
Who cannot see above the clouds.
Or dream beyond
The rainbows of the stars.
People blind to colors
Such as midnight raven blue
Or ocean thunder black
Yellow orange mango sunset hues, or
Purple heather painted vines
And velvet lavender lilac blues
Nestled in the mountain’s lakes.
There are those for whom
I do not write a gift of tears…
Words on paper
From my very soul.
For there are those
Who would not understand
Where I have flown, and
Where I still intend to go.


7 thoughts on “For I Can Fly

  1. I love three things so much here, Sara. “velvet lavender lilac blues” as one of the hues I thought of both leather and feathers at the same instance – amazing effect! The power of freedom and potential all flying through this one and I want to take the ride.


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