5 Days Without a Poem

notebook and pen

I write notes in a 5×7 spiral Mead

with a chamois colored cover

like Glenn Close used in Jagged Edge

to convince herself that Jeff Bridges

was innocent of the murder of

his wife and housekeeper.

Have written notes in emergency lanes

alongside freeways

in Arizona, California, and New Mexico;

when words were leaking out my fingers

faster than I could contain them.

So I sit here in this car

by the side of the road

in a Circle K parking lot

listening to Black Magic Woman on 95.5 FM

writing with a borrowed pen

I begged for at the counter. 

What kind of writer am I after all,

traveling with a spiral 5×7 and no pen?

Writing in the sky and parking lots

because I haven’t written since October 30th

and the words are spilling

out of my ears and through my fingers

leaking onto white blue lined paper

held by metal concentric circles

in a chamois colored 5×7 Mead.

All rights reserved.  ©2009 by Sara Fryd


One thought on “5 Days Without a Poem

  1. Sounds familiar…
    I write them while Im driving, talking on the cell, smoking and eating a subway sandwich…Sure it’s dangerous but so is living

    Dig this piece.


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