feelings envelop mecats_sleeping_positions

in multiple shades of gray

all tangled with pleasure and pain

can’t seem to detach

your thoughts

your feelings from my own

our souls entangled

your dreams with mine

entwined imperceptibly

like bodies that have lain together

so many nights

they’ve memorized each other’s

curves and edges

as if by heart

never quite remembering

where one soul begins

where the other leaves off


All rights reserved.  ©1998 by Sara Fryd



6 thoughts on “Enveloped

  1. Oh Sara they are precious! Not just the picture, but your writting as well. Beautiful the way you captured the bond that they share. Bravo!


  2. Nice stuff, these kindred souls. We are bonded by many circumstances in life, and we have to make calibrated adjustments, to survive. This poem reads like prose poetry. Keep telling the truth. Do take care and be well.

    You can read my poetry at the following website:http://dracegannon.wordpress.com/


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