there is this place                 



i go

where no one follows

not even you

a treasure

that i keep for only me

this place is mine

that part of me i keep

for talks with God

and souls

there is this place

i go

you can see it in my eyes

far away

as if the stars had lassoed

my soul

and tied a bow around it

for a heartbeat of time

there is this place

of cloudy gray days

and windy striped branches

electrical storms

and daffodils in snow

orange rain

that falls west to east


like my decisions

regarding nothing

in particular

that always seem earth shattering

during tears of sadness

or joy

a place

not even you can enter

this place belongs


only God

and me…

All rights reserved.  ©2009 by Sara Fryd


6 thoughts on “85718

  1. Oh no I missed this earlier – gorgeous in a way beyond space. I love the line about you can see it in my eyes – taking us there and into the heart of the one before us. Beautiful in the totality of connection to me.


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