Denim Blue Days


Denim blues on fences painted

Ready for a party

of skulls & wooden angels

Hung on nails, left to wither…

Adorn the roadside

           where we stop to buy chilies and beer,

Just past the right turn of the Rio Grande.

Purple blue mountain ranges

          divide horizons

Pointing North or East…

depending a slight turn of the compass

         towards the ever glowing

orange mango sunset.

Winds tossing bramble bushes

          around – against

The desert floor

          like beach balls at the ocean

In the sandy warm summers

of my childhood.

What a day to  





           ride with the top down.

A day for keeping faded denim jackets

           (forgotten in the trunk last spring),

Close, before the evening chill envelops.

Like skulls bleached


Left to wither, left to whiten

           on the desert floor

Sheltered by a blanket

of the setting sun.

*photograph – ©1996 “Jackalope Fences” by Joshua Liberman


4 thoughts on “Denim Blue Days

  1. That’s terrific. I can feel the threat of the night chill, taste the day and the chiles and beer, feel the dusty road and the glittering Rio Grande. Gorgeous word picture.


  2. you nailed the desert
    i lived there for years and oh!
    you’ve made me miss it…

    And that’s hard to do! 🙂 Thank You and Cheers and Namaste.


  3. I don’t think the jackets were forgotten in the trunk afterall. I think they were subconsciously and smartly left in the trunk just for a day like this. This is beautiful. Makes me miss riding with the top down!


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