Daffodils in Cleveland

daffodil_inSnowFirst daffodils of spring

blow and bend

                        east and north

with crisp winter winds

            bracing yellow petal hands

against chilled sunshine

faces smiling








Always upward towards a warming sun

that sneaks bravely

            through clouds

that just this morning

            dusted meadows

with white powder reminders

            of icy winter months

            quietly laid to rest.


4 thoughts on “Daffodils in Cleveland

  1. Sara,

    No, I am not “stalking” you, simply stalking the falling daffodils.

    What’s cleveland got to do with it?

    My son’s birth mother is from there, and he was born at the time these sweet smelling flowers are in bloom, March 2, 1992.

    Great use of the word U P W A R D.

    Must have taken you a few tries to get that right.

    Comments from a former printer and graphic artist (trade school, circa 1966)

    Michael J


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