Culinary Dreams


Chocolate Corn popped golden yellow into

Hot kernels picked up with long toothpicks

Dipped in melted thick dark semi-sweet Ghirardelli

From San Francisco’s salty wharf, smelling sweet

Even across the bay.

Soft Chocolate Ganache warms the genioglossus tongue

Instant perfection sent via neurons to the internal mind

Via the heart of my soul

So lovingly that eyes weep, even nose hairs tingle

Then braid themselves in ecstasy.

Praline Feuilletine desert of Kellogg’s corn flakes

Tossed gently with milk chocolate praline paste

Presented at the Culinary World Cup competition

With white powdered sugar and toasted coconut

Named the desert for the King of England.

Praline Cream on hot lush Irish oatmeal

Slowly boiled to perfection in copper pots with long handles

Gold and eggplant hued raisins float

With blue agaves sirupped cinnamon walnuts

Barely touch with dreams of motherhood gently remembered.

Sweet Corn Sorbet chilled icy crystals to taste

Served in Arizona’s hot night air

As we absorb the fuchsia in the Catalina sunset

Melting as we listen to Latin Jazz’s Raphael

Singing “Girl from Ipanema” so softly

Droplets of water roll down my spine

As the sorbet melts on my tongue

Shoulders bent forward lest I miss one syllable

Of this somewhat familiar, yet unknown language

Of meaningful food laced with magical song.


All rights reserved.  ©2010 by Sara Fryd