Creative Detonation


Exotic photographs of images

Of landscapes

Taken by alternates shock me awake

Yet, again…

My brain ceases to comprehend

The meanings of their creative forces


Appearing as visual jolts of images

That trigger words in patterns

Of fabric, of  caramel signs in earth

Of blue sounds in air thru Aspen leaves

Turning gold, then red on arms of

Black striped white bark

Reaching for the sky with empty hands

French lace colored shallow waves

Sweeping in from the calm cashmere ocean

At dusk…

A gold cotton candy sky

Filled with sugary blush clouds

Of photographers souls

Taken another time, another place

Touch my heart, my soul, my mind

Then seep through my fingers

On to paper, then into thin air

All rights reserved.  ©2010 by Sara Fryd