Courage Disguised As My Brother

We have a lot of history

      You and Ijosh mark

Met when I was eight

And you were brand new. 

Been locked in combat ever since

Taking sides

Creating insignificant battles

About family matters and such. 

You are my mirror and I am yours.

I see my soul reflected in your eyes

As you reveal me back to me. 

And I remember us in black and white

And various shades of gray

From childhood photos

We share in picture albums

Removed gently from the drawer of my heart

When I need to see how the puzzle pieces fit.

Sisters live on pedestals

Protect you from reality

Feed you breakfast

Let you crash till noon

When you trespass through their lives

            Without apology.

Idols are not vulnerable, and

            Certainly not human, like you. 

I arrived first to teach you

But you taught me…

            About courage

            About strength

            About will.

While searching

Through my scrapbook of memories

Where I go to find minute pieces of a puzzle

So I can make them fit

I see you standing at my back door

Freezing and damp at 4 am

In black leather, in the dark dawn 

Holding an old tattered guitar

After you’d hitchhiked all night

To sing Puff the Magic Dragon

To your new baby nephew…

                 …My newborn son.


3 thoughts on “Courage Disguised As My Brother

  1. Wonderful capture of the conflict that can develop between siblings but that is generally overcome by a deeper love. I have 2 sisters that are 8 and 10 years younger than me and know that pedestal, it is about the size of a pinhead. 🙂


  2. What a tribute to your brother! I see the love and the aggravation that seems to have defined your relationship.

    And it makes me miss my own brother. I think he and I would have been close. 🙂


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