Chief Financial Officer

He sat in his officeCFO

Starring at the ceiling

This quiet man with steel blue eyes

And graying hair

Fit and trim

A marathon runner on weekends

Who could not look you in the eye

Starring anywhere in his office

So as not to connect

With me…

It was evident life had taken its toll

On him

Too many hurts…

So many neglects…


           …once loved too much

Had left him behind


To work with numbers…

           …all those numbers

Columns, $$$$$$ signs

They can’t hurt you

Not the way people do.


All rights reserved.  ©2009 by Sara Fryd


3 thoughts on “Chief Financial Officer

  1. Nope, numbers can’t hurt you. But looking at them can hurt sometimes.

    Touching post dear, and an eloquent photo to go with it. Being a bookkeeper type myself, I can feel for this guy.


  2. relating this this one – sorry my computer’s been down and then off to the beach – I’ll catch up with reading even if no comments – love visiting your page – always


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