Blue Agave


I sleep in sheets the color of the Caribbean Sea at sunrise

Dream a midnight green sky full of stars falling

As I travel fast, West on I-40 towards Arizona

Since I can’t sleep in New Mexico

At least not well.

Pale autumn colors cover me as

My olive skin glows

In shades of ivory, peach, apricot, blush

That lights my face from within…

Though when I dream, I dream in blue.

Agave blue aloe vera arms heading towards the sky

Waiting for the monsoon’s moment

Waiting for God

Wedgwood plates with touches of cream

Robin’s egg blue stripes over dark shades of teal.

Turquoise mined in Kingman

Shared with a universe of admirers

Absorbed through the pores of my skin

Held dear in my heart and soul

Worn around my neck, on my wrists, dangling from my ears.

I love in ivory, in peach, in blush, in apricot

Though when I dream, I dream in blue.

All rights reserved.  ©2010 by Sara Fryd 

*Two months ago I am perusing Facebook and some of the fabulous photographers that post and viola I see this photograph that will not leave my heart.   This poem is for Sandra Elizabeth Larson and her Blue Agave.