Before Breakfast

14I need to write…

a poem


Before breakfast.

Before caffeine dilutes

My train of thought.

Before dreams are lost

And plans for the day

Muddle my mind,

With stuff

Of yesterdays

Of tomorrows

Of days left behind

And gifts of days lingering

…to become

As yet, unwrapped.

I write…

as my heart

Fills with pale whispered light

Because sunlight

Eludes my soul…

before dawn.

I dream…

As charcoal skies crack open

pouring water from a spout

of a cold pitcher

shiny, stainless.

So I dream…

And write

When heavens are bleak

With ashen clouds

And angels cry.

I write…

A poem at dawn,


Before breakfast…

What a way to breathe in

a new dawn

With hope, with a smile

With my heart full of joy.

All rights reserved.  ©2010 by Sara Fryd



One thought on “Before Breakfast

  1. What a beautiful thought … to write first thing, first thoughts, first formed reality.

    Who’m I kidding. I hate mornings. I’m never even fully conscious until my second cup of coffee. 😉

    A beautiful expression, however.


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