Beautiful Ladies

Some ladiesDSC00757

            in black hats, and

                        red flowered

Green jackets,

            have a way of entering a place,

                        making heads turn,

                                    no matter their age.

Society teaches

            to be envious of

                        beautiful young women,

                                    with tight bodies,

                                                forced smiles, and

            unfulfilled vacant eyes…

Having been twenty,


                                    even forty and fifty…

Sometimes looking at

            life through a

                        rearview mirror…

I’m sure,

                        given the chance,

I’m looking forward

            to becoming

                        a beautiful lady…

                                    …in a black hat and

                        red flowered green jacket.

All rights reserved.  ©2009 by Sara Fryd


*Edith Kroschel & Nancy Friday (two hot babes in their 70s) and I flew  from San Antonio to Los Angeles May 10, 1991.   We kept in touch for about ten years by mail.  When Edith went to live in a retirement home, she used to read my poems to the “girls” in the swim class while they were exercising in the water.  Edith was a famous watercolor artist who was commissioned by the City of San Antonio to paint a picture of the Alamo.  This poem is about them.


5 thoughts on “Beautiful Ladies

  1. Oh, I love this. It makes me look forward to getting older. So far my third decade has trumped my second by a landslide. I will no longer approach my fourth with my foot on the brakes — instead I will glance in my rearview mirror.


  2. While tyring to identifiy the artist of a small watercolor, I came across your poem. Please tell us more about Edith Kroschel or where more information may be found. Thank you kindly.


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